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Which mid size accounting firm is the best in Singapore?

What is Bestar? How do I apply for a job at Bestar? What Bestar stands for? What is special about Bestar? What does Bestar actually do? Is Bestar a Singapore company? What type of consulting does Bestar do? Does Bestar hire freshers? What countries are in the Bestar? Is Bestar better than other mid size firms? Is Bestar a CA firm? How Bestar can help? Why do I want to work for Bestar?

About Bestar

Learn about our organization

Bestar is a leading provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and related services. After more than 10 years of hard work and commitment to real change, our organization has grown in size and diversity - our employees in 3 countries and regions provide these services - but our common culture remains the same.

Bestar provides services from 3 cities in the region, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong (coming soon).

Bestar's mission is to use the collective power of our people to help change lives, build stronger systems and shape the future. This is the thread that binds us.



An independent audit is the basis for decision-making in the capital market. Its function is to increase the reliability of information provided by customers for use by investors and other stakeholders.

Our audit professionals provide a wide range of independent audit services based on strong knowledge of accounting principles. This is complemented by accurate knowledge of business systems, processes and controls.


The success of an organization depends on good decisions and effective execution. Innovation, transformation and leadership are evolving at an unprecedented rate. At Bestar, we help solve our customers' most complex problems. We provide strategies and implementation plans from a business and technical perspective to help you get ahead in a competitive market.

Financial Advisory

Bestar provides consulting services on mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, fund raising and forensic investigations. Bestar also provides functions for a variety of situations, including enterprise modeling, public-private partnerships, and infrastructure consulting and evaluation.

Risk Advisory

Bestar's risk intelligent approach engages customers: focuses on areas of increased risk; addressing the entire spectrum of emerging risks, including disruptions due to innovation, cyber, geopolitics, and other trends; and continue to take smart risks as a method of appreciating creation.


Attitudes towards taxes change. Organizations of all sizes are increasingly exposed to new trends in tax regulation, not just domestically but globally.

Bestar offers customers a variety of integrated tax services. Our approach combines insights and innovations from a variety of fields with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally.

Data Analytics

The business world is changing, and moving faster every day. The business world is changing, and moving faster every day. To follow through, leaders need to make big decisions faster, more accurately and driven by more data than ever before. With all that information to identify, collect and filter, this decision pace has begun to override the human ability to create it. At Bestar, we live to help clients cope with that challenge.

Bestar has developed robust data solutions to help our customers around the world leverage data and tools to use it efficiently and accurately. From SMEs to large business companies, and in various industries, Bestar Data Analytics consists of a group of data professionals to connect technology with business applications and drive successful project delivery.

Bestar Private

Our Personal Specialists are dedicated to serving the needs of families, high value individuals and private businesses. Our team strives to tailor our service capabilities to the specific needs, sizes, and ownership structures of each customer.

Transparency, accountability and reporting

Our stakeholders’ trust is earned daily by every professional representing Bestar and is backed by policies and reporting that promote transparency and accountability.

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Bestar is committed to driving community change and promoting environmental sustainability.

Working in innovative ways with governments, non-profit organizations, and civil society, we plan and deliver solutions that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Ethics and integrity

Bestar is committed to doing business with integrity, quality and a high level of professional behavior. Our Shared Values ​​and Principles of Business Conduct are the foundation of our culture, shaping who we are, what we believe and how we behave.

Life at Bestar

Every day, our employees strive to make a significant impact. Bestar offers a dynamic culture of participation, collaboration, and high performance. As an undisputed professional service leader, Bestar professionals have unparalleled opportunities to succeed and realize their full potential. What effect will you have when you join Bestar?


Have a business enquiry or suggestion? Seeking information on our range of services/initiatives or publications? Find out how Bestar’s expertise can help you and your company.

Call us at +65 62994730 or send us an email to

Contact us via our online form to learn more about our services.


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