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What is Xero in accounting?

Is Xero easy to use? Which is better QuickBooks or Xero? How long does it take to learn Xero?

Do less manual tasks and more important work with Xero

Simplify the way you run your business with Xero online accounting software.

Xero is E-invoicing ready

E-invoicing can benefit your business

Xero is accredited by IRAS

Xero’s online accounting platform is approved and compliant with tax regulations from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

Easy-to-use features that will change your life

Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business. Xero is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you.

IRAS tax compliant

Make life simpler with automatic GST F5 calculations for easy IRAS filing.

Direct bank connections

Xero connects with major banks like DBS, HSBC, OCBC and UOB in Singapore so your transaction data gets sent direct from your bank into Xero.

Financial institutions that connect directly to Xero

These are just some of the major financial institutions in Singapore that connect directly to Xero, delivering automatic transactions updates direct to Xero every day - saving you time, and giving you a clearer picture of your business numbers.

What is Xero in accounting?

Accounting software for small businesses, can be run anywhere. Xero online accounting software is in the cloud. This means you can automate your day-to-day business tasks, get the latest financial information and do business wherever you are. Try Xero for free and buy now.

Is Xero easy to use?

Ease of use: So far, the biggest reaction is that Xero is easy to use. For this reason, many accountants also like Xero because they can teach their clients how to use the software quickly. Some even say that they prefer the software over QuickBooks.

Which is better QuickBooks or Xero?

Xero may be a good start, but a growing company will appreciate the scalability provided by QuickBooks Online. Yes, the overall price of QuickBooks accounting tools is of course slightly higher, but the plan options are more flexible and offer more features than Xero plans.

How long does it take to learn Xero?

3-4 weeks

The average time to complete a Xero course is 3-4 weeks, which some people can take months or even use the course as a resource during membership. If the training content of the Xero online training course is provided in a face-to-face classroom environment, it will take approximately 6 days.

For more information about Xero, please contact Bestar.

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