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Unlimited Company Singapore

There are 3 types of unlimited companies which can be incorporated in Singapore. The available options are:

1. Unlimited exempt private company

2. Unlimited private company

3. Unlimited public company

Liability of the members or shareholders of an unlimited company is not limited.

Main features

The main features of the different company types are outlined below.

Unlimited Exempt Private Company

- Can have a maximum of 20 shareholders.

- No shareholder is a corporation.

- The entity name includes e.g. Private, Pte.

Unlimited Private Company

- Hybrid company incorporated with or without share capital.

- Can have a maximum of 50 shareholders.

- The entity name includes e.g. Private, Pte.

Unlimited Public Company

- May have more than 50 shareholders.

- Corporations can be shareholders.

- Usually has the words “Unlimited” as part of its name.

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