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Transfer Your Work Pass Holders

Updated: Jan 16

Request for MOM Approval to Transfer Work Pass Holders Due to Business Restructuring

You can request for MOM to help transfer your work pass holders to your new company if your company is undergoing business restructuring.

Business Restructuring Scenarios and Criteria

Type of business restructuring


Changing to another type of business entity

(from sole proprietorship to private limited company)

At least one of the partners or the sole proprietor from the previous business must move to your new company

Undergoing business restructuring

(merger, acquisition, amalgamation or decentralisation of corporate function)

Must provide proof of buyer and seller relationship, including legal documents.

Levy payment

The normal levy and quota requirements will apply to both companies during the transfer of foreign workers.

Note: The new company should only make CPF contributions for the local employees after the transfer request is approved. Otherwise, the new company may get a higher levy bill than necessary.

Check that you have the following documents for uploading:  

• Signed undertaking letter 

• Details of your work pass holders (in excel format) with the following information :  

  • Name 

  • FIN or Work Permit number 

  • Pass type  

  • Expiry date 

  • Nationality 

  • CPF Submission Number (CSN) of previous company 

  • CPF Submission Number (CSN) of new company 

  • For company that is undergoing business restructuring (e.g. merger, acquisition or amalgamation):

  • For transfer request that includes Work Permit or S Pass holders:

  1. If you are an authorised employment agent or third party, please ensure you have details of the representative (previous and new company) before you proceed: 

  • Name 

  • Email  

  • Local contact number 

How to Submit a Request

1.Declare business activity

Declare your new company business activity. It must be in same sector as previous entity.

2. Renew work passes

Renew work passes in previous company for those expiring in less than 2 months.

3. Prepare documents

  • Undertaking letter (PDF) by previous and new company

  • List of foreign workers (in excel format) stating their FIN, name, work pass types, pass expiry date.

Only if prompted:

  • CPF form 90 of both companies

  • Business restructuring documents

4. Submit the transfer request

Submit the online form 1.5 to 2 months before the intended transfer.

The requestor will receive an email upon success of transfer. The new company name will be updated in MOM's records.

The new company must then complete the following:

  • Start contributing CPF for the transferred local employees.

  • Log in to myMOM Portal or WP Online to apply replacement cards for the transferred workers within 28 days. You need to pay replacement fee of $60 per card to ensure that the new company name is reflected on the card.

  • Arrange to pay foreign worker levy through GIRO.

  • Update medical insurance policy.

How Long it Takes

MOM will email you the outcome within 2 months for most cases.  

What Need to be Paid

You must:

  • Buy new security bonds if transfer includes non-Malaysian Work Permit holders.

  • Pay card replacement fee of $60 per worker to reflect new company name.

  • Buy new medical insurance

Request form for change of business entity (COBE)

Ministry of Manpower › documents › passes


14 Apr 2011 — This form is for change of business entity to transfer all existing foreign employees under the old business entity to the new business entity.

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