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Tobacco Retail Licence

Tobacco Retail Licence in Singapore

A Tobacco Retail Licence is required if you intend to sell tobacco products by retail at a physical outlet in Singapore. Here's a summary of key information:

Who needs it:

  • Anyone selling tobacco products at a physical store.

  • Separate licenses are needed for each outlet.

Application process:

  • Apply online through the 24-hour GoBusiness Licensing website

  • Use SingPass for hawker licenses or CorpPass/SingPass (Business User) for companies.

Additional points:

  • License is specific to the outlet address.

  • Non-transferable between companies or outlets.

  • More information and resources available on the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) website

Here are some additional details you might find helpful:

  • Cancellation: You can cancel the license under certain conditions, but a refund may not be available.

  • Amendments: You can amend the license details if needed.

  • Regulations: Singapore has strict regulations on tobacco sales, including display restrictions and minimum age requirements. Familiarize yourself with these regulations before applying for a license.

Tobacco in Singapore: Regulations and Resources

Smoking and tobacco use are heavily regulated in Singapore due to their detrimental health effects. Here's a summary of key points:


  • Minimum Legal Age (MLA): Selling or supplying tobacco products to anyone below 21 years old is strictly prohibited.

  • Import restrictions: Only duty-paid tobacco products can be imported, with a limit of 400 grams per person.

  • Plain packaging: Cigarettes sold in Singapore have plain packaging with graphic health warnings covering most of the surface.

  • Advertising ban: Tobacco advertising is prohibited in all forms, including print, broadcast, and online media.

  • Designated smoking areas: Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, typically outdoors and away from crowds.


Additional points:

  • High taxes: Tobacco products are heavily taxed in Singapore, making them significantly more expensive than in other countries.

  • Health risks: The website of the Ministry of Health provides information on the health risks associated with smoking and tobacco use.

  • Smoking cessation: Resources and support are available for individuals who want to quit smoking.


  • License is valid for one year.

  • Renewal required before expiry.

Application fee:

$400 (includes $60 non-refundable application fee and $340 license fee).

How Bestar can Help

General information on how Bestar might assist with obtaining a Tobacco Retail Licence in Singapore:

General assistance:

  • Understanding the process: Bestar can help you navigate the application process, ensuring you complete all necessary steps and fulfill all requirements.

  • Completing the application: We can assist in filling out the online application form accurately and efficiently.

  • Preparing supporting documents: We can help gather and organize required documents, such as identification proof, business registration details, and floor plans.

  • Liaising with authorities: We can communicate with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) on your behalf if needed, clarifying any questions or addressing any concerns.

Additional services:

  • Compliance advice: We can advise you on the ongoing regulations and obligations associated with holding a Tobacco Retail Licence.

  • Taxation guidance: We can help ensure you understand and comply with tobacco product taxes and reporting requirements.

Bestar cannot guarantee the successful issuance of the license. The final decision rests with the HSA based on their assessment of your application and compliance with regulations.

Contact Bestar to inquire about our specific services, and fees.

Remember, obtaining a Tobacco Retail Licence involves adhering to strict regulations and fulfilling specific requirements. Seeking professional guidance can help you navigate the process and increase your chances of success.

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