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Setting up a Cosmetic Company

Updated: Mar 1


Cosmetics are any substances or preparations intended to be placed in contact with the various external parts of the human body (epidermis, hair system, nails, lips, external genital organs) or with the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with a view exclusively or mainly to cleaning them, perfuming them, changing their appearance and/or correcting body odours.

Cosmetics can be divided into several categories:

  • Skin care: Products used to cleanse, moisturize, protect, and improve the appearance of the skin. Examples include cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreen, serums, and masks.

  • Makeup: Products used to enhance or alter the appearance of the face. Examples include foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick.

  • Hair care: Products used to cleanse, condition, style, and color the hair. Examples include shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel, hairspray, and dye.

  • Nail care: Products used to clean, condition, and polish the nails. Examples include nail polish removers, base coats, top coats, and nail art supplies.

  • Fragrance: Products used to scent the body. Examples include perfumes, colognes, and body sprays.

Cosmetics are used by people of all ages and genders, and they can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • To enhance one's natural beauty. Cosmetics can be used to highlight one's best features and camouflage any imperfections.

  • To express one's individuality. Cosmetics can be used to create a variety of different looks, from natural to dramatic.

  • To protect the skin from the elements. Cosmetics such as sunscreen and moisturizer can help to protect the skin from the sun and other environmental stressors.

  • To boost one's confidence. Feeling good about one's appearance can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem.

Cosmetics can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including drugstores, department stores, and specialty beauty stores. They can also be purchased online.

Setting up a Cosmetic Company in Singapore

Singapore is a global hub for cosmetics and skincare, and it is a great place to set up a cosmetics company. The country has a strong regulatory environment and a supportive ecosystem for businesses.

Here are the steps involved in setting up a cosmetics company in Singapore:

  1. Choose a business structure. You can choose to set up a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), or private limited company (Pte Ltd). The most common business structure for cosmetics companies is a Pte Ltd company.

  2. Register your company. You can register your company online through the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) website. The registration process is relatively simple and straightforward.

  3. Apply for a cosmetics product license. All cosmetics products sold in Singapore must be licensed by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). You can apply for a license online through the HSA website.

  4. Find a suitable business premise. You will need to find a suitable business premise to operate your cosmetics company from. You can choose to rent or buy a premise.

  5. Set up your business operations. This includes hiring staff, sourcing for suppliers, and developing your marketing and sales strategy.

Here are some additional tips for setting up a cosmetics company in Singapore:

  • Do your research. Understand the Singapore cosmetics market and identify your target customers.

  • Develop a unique value proposition. What makes your cosmetics products different from the competition?

  • Focus on quality. Singapore consumers are discerning and they expect high-quality cosmetics products.

  • Invest in marketing and branding. Build a strong brand identity and promote your products to your target customers.

Cosmetic Products Notification

Singapore's Cosmetic Products Notification Process

In Singapore, manufacturers and importers of cosmetic products must notify the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) before placing their products on the market. This notification process helps ensure the safety and quality of cosmetic products available to consumers.

Here's a summary of the key points:

Who Needs to Notify:

  • Manufacturers of cosmetic products to be sold in Singapore

  • Importers of cosmetic products to be sold in Singapore

When to Notify:

  • Before supplying the product in Singapore

  • Even if the product is already notified by another company in Singapore (if you are importing)

  • For every different variant of the same product (e.g., different shades or scents)

How to Notify:

  1. Register a local entity with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

  2. Register for a Corppass account.

  3. Submit your notification through the PRISM (Pharmaceutical Regulatory Information System) online system.

  4. Ensure your product ingredients and labelling comply with the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD) before submission.

Remember, this notification is valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually if you

intend to continue selling the product in Singapore.

Here are some resources that can help you set up a cosmetics company in Singapore:

How Bestar can Help

Bestar can help you set up a cosmetic company in Singapore in a number of ways, including:

  • Company incorporation: Bestar can help you register your company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). This includes completing all of the necessary paperwork and submitting it to ACRA on your behalf.

  • Applying for a cosmetics product license: Bestar can help you apply for a cosmetics product license from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). This includes providing you with guidance on the application process and helping you to compile all of the required documentation.

  • Setting up your business operations: Bestar can help you to set up your business operations, including developing a business plan, and hiring staff.

  • Providing ongoing support: Bestar can provide you with ongoing support as you grow your cosmetics company. This includes providing advice on compliance matters, accounting and tax services.

Here are some specific examples of how Bestar can help you set up a cosmetic company in Singapore:

  • Bestar can help you to choose the right business structure for your cosmetics company.

  • Bestar can help you to draft and file your company's constitution.

  • Bestar can help you to open a corporate bank account and obtain any other necessary business licenses or permits.

  • Bestar can help you to create a website and online store for your cosmetics company.

  • Bestar can help you to comply with all relevant Singaporean laws and regulations.

Overall, Bestar can provide you with a comprehensive range of services to help you set up and grow your cosmetics company in Singapore.

Contact Bestar today!

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