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Registration of Pleasure Craft

Eligibility for Registration

Singapore-registered pleasure craft can be owned by a person who is ordinarily resident in Singapore or a Singapore business entity (whether for profit or not) such as a body corporate, a firm, partnership or associations.

Conditions of Registration

Pleasure craft must comply with the below conditions of registration. Pleasure craft that do not meet the criteria in particular length and construction material will not be renewed or renewed but with conditions.

  1. The pleasure craft must be at least 7 metres in load line length with an enclosed deck;

  2. The pleasure craft must not be more than 17 years old at the point of registration;

  3. The pleasure craft must not be constructed of wooden hulls;

  4. The pleasure craft must not be used as a passenger ship (i.e. the craft cannot carry more than 12 passengers); and

  5. The pleasure craft must not be constructed of inflatable design (including an inflatable craft with a rigid board

Registration and Renewal

New Registrations:

Please submit the following documents (if available) for assessment for new registrations, change of ownership or re-flag application:

  • Application form;

  • Full coloured photographs displaying the name of craft and its enclosed deck;

  • Owner(s)’ identification documents and proof of residence

    • For Singapore individual, to produce NRIC. For foreigners who are ordinarily residing in Singapore, to produce passport/ work permit/ S Pass as well as official documents that provides proof of address (such as utility bills or bank/credit card statements issued to the applicant’s name)

    • For Business entities, to submit Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Business Profile

  • Proof of ownership of craft (Bill of Sale, Builder’s Certificate, Proof of Receipt);

  • Policy of insurance held by the owner of the pleasure craft with respect to the use or navigation of the pleasure craft;

  • Evidence of closure of foreign registry from former flag registry, such as Deletion Certificate or transcript showing closure of flag registry (where applicable);

  • Document setting out the carrying capacity, gross tonnage and specifications of the craft; and

  • Survey report by accredited organisations


Please submit valid insurance certificate, as well as the registration documents above, if any of the documents above have not been previously submitted.

Period of Registration

The registration is valid for a period of up to one year and will expire on the day before the anniversary date of the completion of the relevant survey.

Registration Fees

The fee for initial registration and change of ownership is S$200. The fee for subsequent annual renewal is S$50. Owners are not liable for the payment of annual tonnage tax.

If you would like to know more, please contact Bestar.


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