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Registering a Branch in Singapore

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

A foreign company refers to a company, corporation, association or any other institution established outside of Singapore. Foreign companies can conduct business in Singapore by registering as a foreign branch under the Companies Act. Foreign branches must also comply with the statutory and disclosure requirements of the Companies Law.

Entities can start business after they are registered with ACRA.

Registration of Branch of Foreign Company

A branch of a foreign company must have a registered name, at least one locally resident authorized representative and a registered office in Singapore.

Information required

1. Proposed company name

2. Details of proposed director and company officers - include address, ID number, ID type and Nationality/Citizenship 3. Foreign Company (in place of incorporation) details 4. Appointment of Authorized Representative/Director 5. Registered office address in Singapore 6. Latest financial statements, if any. 7. Certificate of Incorporation /Registration of Foreign Company 8. Copy of Charter/Statute /Memorandum and Articles 9. Other supporting documents

FIN holders are advised to seek consent from the relevant pass issuing authority (e.g. MOM/ICA) before registering or taking on an appointment (e.g. director, secretary) in an entity. Please read.

To provide the registration number indicated in the certificate of incorporation or registration, or where none is indicated, the number issued upon registration or incorporation by the authority equivalent to the Registrar in its place of registration or incorporation.

The constitution document will only need to be registered if it is required to be registered or lodged in the place of incorporation.

Processing Time

The application will take 3 working day(s) to process.

Registration Fees

Name Application and Registration fee is $315.

If you would like to know more, please contact Bestar.


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