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How do I Open a Personal Bank Account in Singapore?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Personal Banking

Our referred personal bank has knowledge and expertise in meeting the global and offshore banking needs of affluent individuals.

We will refer you to the Bank for the sole purpose of the potential provision by the Bank of banking products, i.e. deposits, checking accounts, debit cards (together, the "Banking Products").

A banking relationship starts from a minimum of US$200,000.

The Bank shall be under no obligation to consider, accept or contact any Customer referred by us and may reject all or any such referrals and applications for Banking Products at its sole discretion without providing any reason.

We may be paid a fee by the Bank should you open an account for Banking Products (an "Account").

You have to consent us for the disclosure of your Personal Data to the Bank for the purposes of opening an Account and for the Bank's collection, use and/or disclosure of the Personal Data to, amongst other things make contact with you for the purpose of the Bank selling to and you acquiring Banking Products.


(a) The Bank receives your signed application to the Bank to open an Account (subject to the Bank's standard account opening documentation);

(b) The Bank accepts and approves your application and opens an Account for you; and

(c) You place and maintain at least US$200,000 (or its foreign currency equivalent) of fresh funds in the Account as at the end of the third month following the opening of the Account.

Should you decide to start a banking relationship with a Personal Bank, we can connect you to a Personal Bank staff who will be able to share more details and address any queries you might have.

If you are interested, please provide your information in the format below.


From: [Your Name]

To: Referrer

I, [your name], have requested Bestar (the "Referrer") to forward my contact details to the Personal Bank for the purpose of providing me with more information about banking accounts.

I understand that the Referrer may receive a payment from the Personal Bank if my application is successful.

I consent to the referrer disclosing my personal data as set out in this email to the Personal Bank and for the Personal Bank to contact me in connection with my request.

My contact details:


Contact no:


Connect with Us

Any queries, contact us.

How do I Open a Personal Bank Account in Singapore?
How do I Open a Personal Bank Account in Singapore?

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