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ESG Assurance

efforts to counter the growing problem worldwide of greenwashing. That's when business portray themselves as being more sustainable than they actually are.

assurance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

It has also just launched an ESG disclosure and sustainability report assurance service to help companies and businesses meet their regulatory obligations.

The service offers independent, third-party verification and validation for a business that intends to publicly disclose its ESG information. Bestar ensures that the data is accurate, reliable and meets major standards such as the International Sustainability Standards Board.

All firms, from listed ones to small operators along the supply chain, face increasing pressure from governments and investors to show green credentials, so that demand for ESG assurance will grow.

Right now, carbon measuring is a top-down process. Listed companies need to do sustainable reporting and part of their emissions comes from their vendors comes from their vendors and supply chain.

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