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Dependant's Pass

Dependant's Pass

A Dependant's Pass (DP) is a relocation visa issued by the Singapore government to eligible family members of Employment Pass (EP), S Pass, EntrePass or Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) holders. It allows them to live in Singapore for the duration of the work pass holder's stay, and to enter and leave the country freely without the need for separate visas.

Who is eligible for a Dependant's Pass?

  • Spouses of Employment Pass, S Pass, EntrePass or PEP holders

  • Unmarried children under 21 years old (including biological, adopted, and stepchildren) of Employment Pass, S Pass, EntrePass or PEP holders

Eligibility requirements:

  • The main pass holder must be earning a minimum fixed monthly salary of S$6,000.

  • The main pass holder must be sponsored by an established, Singapore-registered company.

  • Dependants must meet certain health and character requirements.

How to apply for a Dependant's Pass:

  • Applications can be submitted online through the EP Online system.

  • The required documents include:

  • Completed application form

  • Passport copies of the dependant(s)

  • Marriage certificate (for spouses)

  • Birth certificate(s) of children

  • Proof of relationship (if applying for stepchildren)

  • Medical report (for dependants aged 12 years and above)

  • Sponsorship letter from the main pass holder's employer

Processing time:

  • Applications are usually processed within 3 weeks, but may take longer in some cases.


  • Application fee: S$105 per dependant

  • Issuance fee: S$225 per dependant

  • Multiple Journey Visa fee (if applicable): S$30 per dependant

Benefits of holding a Dependant's Pass:

  • Dependants can live, work, and study in Singapore.

  • They can enjoy free healthcare and education benefits.

  • They can travel freely in and out of Singapore.

Things to note:

  • The validity of a Dependant's Pass is tied to the validity of the main pass holder's work pass.

  • Dependants who wish to work in Singapore must apply for a separate work pass.

  • Dependants are not allowed to start their own businesses in Singapore.

How Bestar can Help

Some general information on how Bestar is able to assist with Dependant's Pass applications in Singapore:

Visa and Immigration Specialists:

  • Application Assistance: Bestar immigration specialists can guide you through the application process, ensuring all documents are filled out correctly and submitted on time. We can also help with understanding complex eligibility requirements and advise on potential roadblocks.

  • Documentation Review: Bestar can review your application package to ensure it's complete and meets all requirements, minimizing the risk of delays or rejections.

  • Liaison with Authorities: We can communicate with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on your behalf, clarifying any questions or concerns and keeping you updated on the application's progress.

  • Appeals and Resubmissions: If your application is rejected, Bestar can help you understand the reasons and advise on the possibility of an appeal or resubmission.

Additional Services:

  • Sponsorship Support: If you're sponsoring a Dependant's Pass application for an employee, Bestar may offer services like employment verification and income documentation.

Don't hesitate to contact Bestar to ask questions about our specific services offered for Dependant's Pass applications.

While Bestar can offer valuable assistance, we cannot guarantee the success of your application. The final decision rests with the ICA. However, our expertise can streamline the process, increase your chances of success, and save you time and stress.

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