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Declare Business Activity

Declare Your Business Activity | Bestar
Declare Your Business Activity | Bestar

Declare Your Business Activity

You need to declare your business activity if you are a business employer applying for Work Permits or S Passes for the first time.

Your organisation will be grouped into the relevant sector in COMPASS based on the primary business activity declared to ACRA and other UEN issuance agencies, regardless of whether the organisation operates across multiple sectors.

Keep Your Organisation's Business Activity Up-to-Date

Do update ACRA with your organisation's latest Singapore Standard Industry Classification (SSIC) information when there are changes in your primary business activity.

Once you have updated your firms’ business activity with ACRA or your respective UEN issuance agency, your records will be automatically updated with MOM on a weekly basis. You would also be able to view your firms’ updated sector classification in the Workforce Insights tool.

List of Industry Sectors under COMPASS

Under COMPASS, MOM has broadly categorised SSIC codes into the following sectors: 

  • Accommodation

  • Admin & support services

  • Air & sea transport

  • Arts, entertainment & recreation

  • Banking and other financial services#

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Food & beverage services

  • Fund management services#

  • Health & social services

  • Info-communication technology

  • Insurance services#

  • Land transport & logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Media

  • Professional services

  • Public admin & defence

  • Real estate services

  • Retail trade

  • Utilities and other goods producing industries

  • Wholesale trade

  • Other community, social & personal services

Who Needs to Declare Business Activity

If your organisation has never applied for a Work Permit or S Pass before, you must declare your business activity before submitting any Work Permit or S Pass application.

Based on your declaration, MOM will assign your organisation to the most relevant sector. Your sector will determine the number of Work Permit and S Pass holders you can hire.

Once the sector is assigned, you can proceed to submit the Work Permit and S Pass applications.

What are the Requirements for Declaring Business Activity

You will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a CPF account. If you do not have one, open an account with CPF Board and you will be issued a CPF Submission Number (CSN), e.g. 12345678A-PTE-01.

  • Contribute CPF for your local employees for at least 1 month before you declare your business activity.

  • For manufacturing sector, have a valid Factory Notification or Registration with a Workplace Number.

  • If required, submit copies of licences, e.g. Singapore Food Agency (SFA) licence for food businesses or food manufacturers, etc.

How to Declare Your Business Activity

To declare your business activity:

  1. Log in to Work Pass Account Registration (WPAR) and complete the process online.

  2. After 2 working days, log in to WPAR to check the outcome.

  3. If MOM asks you for additional documents, you need to send them to them. After sending them the documents, wait another 7 working days, log in to WPAR to check the outcome.

Request to Add New or Change Existing Business Activity

You may have already employed foreign workers for a business activity under an existing CPF account.

You will need to send MOM a request if:

  • You want to employ Work Permit or S Pass holders under a separate business activity.

  • There is a change in your business activity and you want to continue hiring your foreign workers.

If approved, you can get a new CPF account to hire the workers.

How to Request

To change or add a business activity, submit a request and upload the relevant supporting documents of the new business activity:

Business activity

Documents required


  • Request letter on company letterhead

  • Ongoing projects and contracts

  • Purchase order and invoices

  • BCA Builder Licence or SCAL SLOTS certificate, if any


  • Request letter on company letterhead

  • Additional documents:

  • SFA licence

  • MSF support letter

Harbour craft

  • Request letter on company letterhead

  • Harbour craft licence


  • Request letter on company letterhead

  • Factory notification or registration

  • Additional documents:

  • SFA licence

  • Rental or lease agreement on company's workplace

  • Write up of the company's business activities

  • Flowchart of the production process illustrated with photographs

Marine shipyard

  • Request letter on company letterhead

  • Additional documents:

  • Certificate of registration (shipyard)

  • Waterfront lease for shipbuilding or ship repair works

  • Support letter from an eligible shipyard

  • Proof of contracts or work orders issued by the eligible shipyard.


Request letter on company letterhead

  • Association of the Process Industry (ASPRI) Corporate Membership


  • Request letter on company letterhead

MOM will email you the outcome within 3 weeks.

How Bestar can Help

Bestar can help businesses declare their business activity in Singapore in several ways:

1. Business Registration:

  • Company Incorporation: Bestar offers company incorporation services, taking care of the entire process from name registration to filing with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). They can also help obtain necessary licenses and permits.

  • Sole Proprietorship/Partnership Registration: Bestar can assist with registering sole proprietorships and partnerships through ACRA, ensuring compliance with regulations.

2. Business Activity Declaration:

  • Pre-approved Activity Codes: Bestar provides a searchable database of pre-approved activity codes, allowing businesses to easily identify the code that best matches their operations.

  • Activity Description Assistance: Bestar can help businesses draft a clear and concise description of their activities, ensuring accurate declaration to ACRA.

  • Compliance Guidance: Bestar offers guidance on complying with relevant regulations and requirements based on the chosen activity code.

3. Ongoing Support:

  • Changes in Business Activity: Bestar can assist with updating business activity declarations if the nature of the business changes.

  • Annual Filing Compliance: Bestar reminds businesses of their annual filing obligations and guides them through the process.

  • Regulatory Updates: Bestar keeps businesses informed about any changes in regulations related to business activity declarations.

Additional Benefits:

  • Convenience: Bestar allows businesses to register and declare their activities conveniently and efficiently.

  • Expertise: Bestar's team of experienced professionals can provide businesses with expert advice and support throughout the process.

  • Cost-effective: Bestar offers competitive rates for its services, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Contact Bestar today!

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