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Customs Account

Customs Account | Bestar
Customs Account | Bestar

Singapore Customs Account

A Singapore Customs account is used by businesses to transact with Singapore Customs, including:

  • Import and export declarations

  • Payment of duties and taxes

  • Application for permits and licenses

  • Access to trade data and statistics

Here are some key things to know about Singapore Customs accounts:

Who Needs One

  • Businesses that import or export goods into or out of Singapore

  • Businesses that tranship goods through Singapore

  • Businesses that manufacture goods in Singapore for export

How to Get One

  • Register your business with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)

  • Apply for a Customs account online

  • Activate your account online

What You Need to Do

  • Maintain an Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) account with Singapore Customs

  • Submit import and export declarations electronically through TradeNet

  • Pay duties and taxes online

  • Update your contact information


Here are some additional details:

  • Activating your account: You can activate your account online through the TradeNet website. You will need your Unique Entity Number (UEN), company registration number, and SingPass.

  • Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG): An IBG account allows you to pay duties and taxes directly from your bank account to Singapore Customs. You can open an IBG account at any bank in Singapore.

  • TradeNet: TradeNet is the electronic platform used by businesses to submit import and export declarations and other trade documents.

  • Declaring agents: You can appoint a declaring agent to submit trade declarations on your behalf. This is especially helpful if you are not familiar with the customs procedures.

How Bestar can Help with Customs Account Registration Services in Singapore

Bestar offers customs account registration services. We can assist you with the process in several ways:

1. Incorporation and UEN Registration:

  • Bestar specializes in company formation services in Singapore. We can help you incorporate your business and obtain a Unique Entity Number (UEN), which is a prerequisite for activating a customs account. This includes preparing necessary documents, liaising with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and ensuring your registration is completed efficiently.

2. Understanding Customs Regulations:

  • Bestar has a team of experienced professionals with knowledge of Singapore's customs regulations and procedures. We can guide you through the process of activating your customs account and explain the requirements for obtaining specific permits and licenses.

3. Tax and Compliance Services:

  • Bestar offers comprehensive tax and compliance services to ensure your business adheres to all relevant regulations. This can help you avoid penalties and ensure smooth customs clearance for your imports and exports.

Additionally, Bestar can:

  • Help you apply for an Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG), which is required for making payments to Singapore Customs.

  • Guide you through the process of furnishing security for various customs scenarios.

Bestar can assist you to register your customs account. Our services can significantly simplify the process and ensure you comply with all regulations.

Contact Bestar today!

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