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Company Information

Purchase of Malaysian companies and businesses information straight from the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

Super Documents

  • Company Profile

  • Business Profile

Company Profile

A current report that contains basic information of a company, (such as company name, company number, incorporation date, company type, company status, registered address, business address and nature of business), share capital, directors/officers, shareholders, charges (if any) and financial information.

Company Profile consists of data element as follows:-


​Corporate Information


​Company Name


​Last Old Name


​Date of Change


​Company Number


​Registration Date






​Registered Address






​Business Address




​Nature of Business


Summary of Share Capital

​Company Name

​Company Number

​Total Authorized (RM) – should be MYR

​AMT – Ordinary, Preference and Others

​Divided Into – Ordinary, Preference and Others

​Nominal Value (sen) – Ordinary, Preference and Others

​Total Issued (RM)

​Cash – Ordinary, Preference and Others

​Otherwise Than Cash – Ordinary, Preference and Others

​Nominal Value (sen) – Ordinary, Preference and Others


​Directors/ Officers

​Company Name

​Company Number

​Name / Address

​IC / Passport


​Date of Appointment


​Shareholders / Members

​Company Name

​Company Number

​IC / Passport / Company No

​Name / Company Name

​Total of Share


​Company / Charges

​​Company Name

​Company Number

​Charge Number

​Total of Charge

​Date of Creation

​Name of Chargee

​Charge Status


​Company Financial Statement

​Company Name

​Company Number


​Auditor Address

​Consolidated Accounts

​Financial Year End

​Unqualified Reports (Y/N)


​Fixed Assets

​Total Investment

Amount Owing By

​Current Assets

Intangible Assets

​Other Assets

​Total Assets

​Issued Capital

​Contingent Liability

​Paid Up Capital

​Share Premium & Reserved

​Unappropriated Profit

Minority Interest

​Share Application Account

​Long-Term Deferred Liabilities

Amount Owing To

  1. Current Liabilities

  2. Total Equity Liability

7. Profit And Loss Account

  1. Company Name

  2. Company Number

  3. Consolidated Accounts

  4. Financial Year End

  5. Unqualified Reports (Y/N)

  6. Units

  7. Turnover

  8. Operating Revenue

  9. Profit Before Taxation

  10. Profit After Taxation

  11. Extraordinary Item

  12. Minority Interest

  13. Profit Attributes to Shareholders

  14. Prior Period Adjustment

  15. Net Dividend

  16. Transferred To/ From Reserved

  17. Others

  18. Unappropriated Profit Carried Forward

  19. Gross Dividend

  20. Unappropriated Profit Brought Forward

**End Of Reports**

Business Profile

A report which contains the latest information of a business (such as business name, registration number, registration date, registration expiry date, busines​​s form, business status, business address, business type, business branch information (if any)), information of the current and previous owner.

Business Profile consists of data element as follows :-


​Business Information


Business Address


​Nature of Business


​Branch Information (if any)


​Current Business Owner

The profile available in both Bahasa Melayu and English






Company profile



​Business profile


Get Your SSM Documents!

How Do I Purchase Information?

Bestar provides purchase of registered company (ROC) and business (ROB) information.

The information can be purchased via form SSM e-Info portal at

Please fill in the information in the form below

Information Purchase Form



Handphone No.

Company Name

Company No./Registration No.



This form will be processed within 7 days (working) from the submission date. Thank you.

Or you may directly contact us via:




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