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Change in Company's Name

Change in Company's Name

Changing a company's name in Singapore involves a few steps handled by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Here's a breakdown of the process:

  1. Choosing a New Name: Pick a name that complies with the Companies Act. ACRA offers guidance on selecting an appropriate name on their website.

  2. New Company Name Application: Submit an application for approval of the proposed name through BizFile+, the online portal for ACRA filings. There's a S$15 fee associated with this application.

  3. Shareholder Resolution:  If your application is approved, convene a meeting of shareholders and pass a special resolution to formally change the company name. At least 75% of shareholders with voting rights must agree to the resolution.

  4. Submitting the Resolution:  Within two weeks of the meeting, file a copy of the approved resolution with ACRA through BizFile+.

  5. Reflecting the Change: Once ACRA approves the name change, update all company documentation, contracts, and inform relevant parties like banks and clients.

Here are some helpful resources for the name change process:

  • ACRA's guide on changing company information: [ACRA change company name ON Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority]

  • An explanation of the process: [How to Change the Name of Your Singapore Company]

How Bestar can Help

Bestar can assist you with changing your company's name in Singapore in several ways:

  • Legal Requirements for New Name: We can advise you on the legal requirements involved in choosing a new company name. This includes ensuring the name adheres to the Companies Act and isn't already registered with ACRA.

  • Application Preparation and Submission: Bestar can help prepare and submit the necessary application to ACRA through BizFile+. This includes completing the forms and ensuring all required documentation is attached.

  • Filing and Deadline Management: We can ensure all the paperwork is properly filed and meets ACRA's deadlines to avoid any delays in processing your application.

  • Liaison with ACRA: In case of any issues with your application during the process, Bestar can liaise with ACRA on your behalf to clarify and resolve them.

  • Documentation Updates: Once the name change is approved, we can help you update your company's documentation to reflect the new name. This may include official documents, contracts, and internal records.

By using Bestar's services, you can save time and ensure a smooth and efficient company name change process. We can handle the complexities and ensure everything is completed accurately and according to regulations.

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