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BCA Contractors Registration

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Scope of Registration

There are seven major registration categories, namely Construction Workhead (CW), Construction-Related Workhead (CR), Mechanical & Electrical Workhead (ME), Facilities Management Workhead (FM), Supply Head (SY), Trade Head (TR) and Regulatory Workhead (RW). There are 7 financial grades for CW, 6 financial grades for CR, ME, FM02, FM03, FM04, SY and single grading for CR01, CR03, CR15, CR17, CR18, TR and RW. There are 4 financial grades for FM01 workhead.

Track Record and Performance

Applicants are expected to have, in the last three years, completed projects relevant to the particular workhead and respective grade. The Applicant must attach scanned copies of awards, purchase/work orders, substantial completion certificate or letter confirming the start of defects liability period, latest payment certificate and client’s endorsement to substantiate to BCA’s satisfaction of these track records.

Main contracts and nominated sub-contracts should generally form the substantial portion of the track records. Trade Head require endorsement from two main contractors registered with BCA.

Financial Capacity

Applicants should satisfy BCA that they have sufficient financial resources to meet the financial commitments for the respective workhead and grade.

Applicants may submit scanned copy of their management accounts (not more than 12 months old) for the following:

i) Single grade for CR01, CR03, CR15, CR17, CR18, TR and RW

ii) C3 for CW, L1 for CR, ME, FM02, FM03, FM04 and M3 and M4 for FM01

iii) L1 to L4 for SY

Personnel Resources

Applicants should satisfy BCA that they have the necessary full-time technical personnel stationed in Singapore to undertake the work corresponding to the registration head. The technical person can only represent one registered company (and not more than one company even if they are related). BCA will not consider consultants or part-time employees as personnel resources for registration purposes.

The following should be submitted during application for verification:


Full-time Singaporean/PR employees: To submit scanned copies of

(i) CPF contribution statement (Form 90)

(ii) NRIC

(iii) Educational certificates (in English), licenses

Full-time foreign technical personnel: To submit scanned copies of

(i) Employment Pass, S-Pass, Dependent Pass, Long Term Visit Pass (Personnel with Dependent Pass/ Long Term Visit Pass are required to submit a letter of consent from MOM) (ii) Educational certificates (in English), licenses

The salaries for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents must be equal or more than the minimum salary of S-Pass holder.

BCA’s Reservation of Rights

In the event that any Applicant has an abundance of relevant track records or experience but lacks sufficient local track record or experience, BCA may at its discretion allow the Applicant to be registered if the Applicant is endorsed by the appropriate government agency in Singapore.


The validity for a first time registration is for a period of three years. Registration will thereafter lapse automatically unless a renewal (for a period of three years) is filed and approved by BCA.

Processing Fees

Fee for an individual workhead and respective grade (Including GST)

Single Grade (CR01, CR03, CR15, CR17, CR18, RW01-RW03, TR01-TR10): $552

C3, L1, M4: $552

C1, L3: $735

BCA Contractors Registration

Registration Requirements for Mechanical & Electrical Workhead (ME) ME05 Electrical Engineering

The installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and repair of electrical based systems such as switchgears, transformers and large generators. It also includes the electrical installations (e.g. lightings) in building and marine vessels. Suppliers should register under the relevant SY04 or SY05.





All L1 firms are required to submit the latest management accounts (not more than 12 months old).

Track Record (past 3 years)


Completed projects in the past three years for all cases. Ongoing projects are acceptable for renewal and L1.

Contractors are expected to complete:

i) PS - minimum projects executed in Singapore

ii) MC - minimum main contracts (nominated sub-contracts may be included)

iii) SP - minimum size single main contract or sub-contract.

New companies require $100,000 track record in the past three years for L1.

Personnel Qualifications and Licences

Management & Development

One Technical qualification with minimum a polytechnic diploma in Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics Engineering or equivalent awarded by BCA Academy, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic or such other diplomas or qualifications as approved by BCA from time to time.

At least one RP/P/T with BCCPE

“RP” shall mean a minimum Professional qualification with a degree in Mechanical or Electrical/Electronics Engineering recognized by Professional Engineers Board (PEB), or equivalent qualifications approved by BCA List of Acceptable Qualifications for RE Accreditation.pdf.

“P” shall mean a Professional qualification with a recognised degree in Mechanical or Electrical/Electronics Engineering or equivalent.

An EMA electrician can be considered as one of the “T”.

Certificate in M&E Coordination (CITI/BCAA) is acceptable as an approved technical qualification.

If you would like to know more, please contact Bestar.

BCA Contractors Registration


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